Welcome to the website of James Gritz. I have been making images for over 45 years traveling extensively in India, Nepal, Ladakh, Tibet, Bhutan, Cambodia, Africa, Mexico, Europe, etc. My work has been published in a numerous books and magazines and exhibited in the Europe, Mexico and the United States. All images are available as prints, framed prints.

SELECTED PUBLICATIONS: Outside Magazine, National Geographic (on-line), New Age Journal, Shambhala Sun, Worth, Diversion, Audubon, Bodhi Magazine, GEO, Stern, Oceans (Harper Collins-contributor and photo editor) and Spirit of the Whale (Voyager Press), “The book of Man” (Scribner 1994, book cover) and many others.


This example website features work from the following photographers:

Alexander Popov 
Airam Dato On  
Andre Hunter  
Ash Edmonds
Chester Wade 
Dan Gold 
Daniel Monteiro 
Dean Bennett 

Drew Beamer    
Drew Graham
Efe Kurnaz 
Fabio Ballasina 
Finn Hackshaw  
Jack Gibson 
Laura Cleffmann 
Leodgario Pescador  

Marvin Ronsdorf 
Mike Kononov
Michael Kemp  
Moritz Mentges
Muhd Asyraaf  
Pawel Czerwinski  
Rhett Wesley  
Rhum Phan  

  Ryan Tang
Sandro Katalina
Steven Roe  
Tony Reid  
Vinicius Amnx Amano
Wes Hicks  

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