Print Size

8" x 10"

11" x 14"

13" x 19"

16" x 24"

20" x30"

24" x 36|

1st Print

$18 US (360 MXN)

$25 US (500 MXN)

$40 US (700MXN)

$75 US (1500 MXN)

$100 US (2000 MXN)

$125 US (2500MXN)


$16 US (320 MXN)

$22 US (440 MXN)

$35 US (600 MXN)

$65 US (1300 MXN)

$85 US (1700 MXN)

$120 US (2500MXN)


$14 US (280 MXN)

$20 US (400 MXN)

$30 US (500 MXN)

$60 US (1200 MXN)

$75 US (1500 MXN)

$115 US (2300 MXN)

Digital Capture

I will photograph your art and do corrections in Adobe Photoshop to prepare the image for printing. Digital captures cost $25 US per image. For large quantities of art to be captured inquire for a quote.


This prices include prints on premium archival inkjet papers like Epson Hot press smooth matte or Fine art gloss and semi gloss papers. Some textured water color papers are available. Special ordered papers are available for larger editions.


What a rewarding experience it has been to work with James Gritz who, on two occasions, has photographed my paintings. James has an exceptional ethic (eye?) for details in lighting and composition. He is  professional, punctual,  and values his clients’ time and investment. It will be a joy to work with James again.                                                                                                                                                               Andrew Klein - Painter

I highly recommend James Gritz , master printer and photographer, for any printing projects. I am a painter and recently decided to create limited edition Giclee prints for more affordable sales. James did a flawless job of reproducing complex color nuances in the original painting. I am more than satisfied with the results.                                                                                                                                                      Bobbi Jo Free - Artist

James expertly printed my photographs, making sure the colors were perfect.  I’m thrilled with his work and look forward to doing more!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Sooz Fasberg - Photographer

"Simply put, James is a master. His photographs are world class. In addition, the prints on archival paper that he did of my own photographs stunned me"
  Bob Basker - Photographer

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